Children possess boundless curiosity, energy and intelligence

But too often, a child’s ZIP code dictates which doors open for exploration. These inequities especially impact Black, Indigenous and other children of color in ways that can hinder learning, growth and potential. We change this narrative by opening doors to active experiential learning—and watching children’s eyes light up.

What teachers say about InnovatED313:


Why is this work important?

"Students need opportunities to learn outside of the classroom as much as they learn in the classroom. We want our students to become independent thinkers and productive members of society."

How have your students benefited?

"Before, my students were not sharing or answering open-ended questions. Now, it is a joy to see their growth as they learn that you don’t always have a right and a wrong answer and that sharing what you know and think is as important as the lesson."

How does this support your teaching?

"My students look forward to coming to school. They want to learn. Applying the skills of observation, they learn new things and apply them to all that we do in our everyday lessons and learning."

Learning innovations help every student thrive


Experiential programs foster “wow and wonder.” They also connect to relevant and authentic real-world problems. They create experiences that energize and empower today’s young learners.

girl looking up in forest

InnovatED313 addresses "opportunity gaps"


By providing rich, engaging learning experiences in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) we ignite students’ interests and develop their abilities to think critically, work collaboratively, communicate effectively and learn independently.

Our programs


Project- and place-based learning

Teachers design instructional units centered on the interests and voices of students to solve real-world problems impacting students’ communities.


Learning in nature

Students learn differently when they learn in nature. These experiences breathe life into the curriculum and forge lasting connections to the world beyond the classroom walls.


After-school STEAM clubs

These clubs meet the needs of students and families in a more flexible, informal environment. Diverse STEAM role models can visit and share insights and encouragement.


The arts and literacy

Integrating the arts and literacy into STEM studies offers learners different approaches to experience the world. It encourages creativity and develops broader skills and interests.

Our work in action:


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